segunda-feira, 17 de novembro de 2014

All ye who have laughter
And life and dreams
Watch his silent despair
Thee, miserable poet
Cursed by thy poetry
Open thine eyes to wonder
As thy falling descent to darkness
Madness welcomes you back
And in the chaos, go!
Fare thee well, oh pilgrim!
Leave behind all ye earthly possessions
All ye sadness and bitter tears
For in the darkness in thine heart lies
The pure white pearl of sanity.
Now go! Godspeed!
Let the wind in thy face dry your tears
Let the storm cleanse your body with thunder
Embrace thy descent,
Drop thy sadness and pains and wraiths
- life leechers of thine heart
And come back radiant, shrouded in glory,
Wielding sanity and life and hope!

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